EOLAS is Knowledge

We turn the corner by merging physical and electrical models for your advanced electronic component requirements.


EOLAS Partner Office in India


EOLAS-aided Designs

The EOLAS team delivers custom technology computer aided design software tools enabling technology pathfinding for global leaders in nanoelectronics manufacturing. A key part of the EOLAS value proposition is providing tools and expertise upskilling in order to enable corporations to develop in-house expertise for emerging technologies.

 Custom SPICE models for tailor-made PDKs 



Circuit designers increasingly require technology platforms that introduce new materials and ultra scaled devices.

Apply the EOLAS methodology to discover physical based solutions when standard device models fail.



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TCAD solutions enabling advanced transistor designs


With EOLAS, navigate through the complexity of quantum and nanoscale effects when it matters for your technology.

We make advanced technology design fast, robust, accurate and flexible with engineering solutions based on proven physical methods.


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Accurate models for electronic materials and nanostructures


It is no longer just bulk silicon. Nanostructured materials and new materials require new parameter sets embedded into your TCAD solutions.

EOLAS design tools provide the flexibility required to integrate standard and exotic materials to describe nanoscale electronic devices and sensors.

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