The Company

EOLAS Designs has provided bespoke TCAD software solutions and technology design services since 2012.

EOLAS team members have worked with electronics industry leaders in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our team has local representatives in Ireland, Spain and China.

Our customers and development partners include industry leaders and innovative SMEs leading the way in advanced technology design.


Customer Profile


Independent device manufacturers, fabless semiconductor companies and foundries have come to the EOLAS team for advanced simulation technologies and to perform technology roadmap & pathfinding exercises.

The EOLAS team has experience working with companies and R&D partners that can be found on the Forbes Top 100 Public Companies list and QS’ Global Top 100 list of research universities. Our customers have one thing in common: they are seeking solutions for technology design that push forward the frontiers for performance.


We offer academic licenses for our range of TCAD tools for use in both teaching and research activities.